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Five activities that are worth visiting

    extreme sports

      In the wider area of Bourazani, if you visit it, do not miss out to try activities, such as extreme sports, the alternative tourism and the outdoor activities in the nature that someone can enjoy. Our recommendations are:

    Rafting-Kayak: Is the downhill of the river with inflatable boat (raft). Usually, during Spring and Autumn, when the river’s flow and the weather conditions allow it. However, there are routes that can be performed during all the year.

    Ridind: Horses trained to accept people up to their saddles and the routes take place in the bridge area of Voidomatis, among Aristi (from Zagori) and Konitsa, to the limits of the National Park of Vikos- Aoos.

    Climb: The activity of climbing a rock or an artificial climbing track with the help of a specific equipment. Usually all the year, if the weather conditions allow it.

    Climbing – Hiking: Walking into paths in the mountain, forest roads and streets. Exploration of unique areas with dense forests and forgotten villages. One unique activity, which leads to new destinations, improves health and guarantees images of magical beauty that every visitor will remember for the rest of his life and could take pictures with his camera. That specific activity takes place during all the year. Recommended routes: Stomio Abbey, Drakolimni of Gamila- Smolikas, Vikos Gorge, Aristi Bridge to Kleidonia Bridge, National Park of Valia Kalnta

    Mountain Bike: Routes around lakes, in the forests among graphical villages, acquire another dimension if someone explores them with a mountain bike. The only you need is experience in bicycles and have a good physical condition that will help you enjoy your route

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