Convention Center

In 2002, Hotel “Bourazani” Enterprises established a new structure of 550m2 inside the Park. It is entirely build of stone and wood following the local traditional architecture and fully equipped in order to support conferences, meetings and firm marketing projections

The main hall of the hall of the Convention Center covers an area of 280m2. It is suitable for business meetings, scientific conferences, exhibitions of products [e.g. cars, etc.] and social events.

Its internal room, with the appropriate lighting and the specific layout and its external space, with the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna compose a unique place, in which the Nature meets the culture and the human creatures.

info-green In the Convention Center ‘’Ophrys Epirotica’’, many presentations and conventions have been carried out. Read more here      

The Convention Center affords

  • Reception (desks for secretarial support –bar)
  • Lobby (for coffee break and light lunch)
  • Main Hall (transformed according to the conference needs: from Round Table for 50 and a Classroom for 120 to a Lecture Hall for 250 participants).

Technical equipment:

  • Simultaneous translation
  • Microphones
  • Tape recorders and players
  • CD players -Slides Projectors
  • Video Projector/ Video Data
  • DVD player
  • Camera Video Recording

info-green  Distance from “BOURAZANI” HOTEL: 3Km