Pavilion of Environmental Education

In the “Pavilion of Environmental Education”, a specially made and decorated building, one can get all the information concerning the way the animals live. Here the Veteriany Surgeon of the Park will explain all the details concerning the life, biological circles and attitudes of the wild animals housed in the forest, through educational panels, photographs and objects

The outgrown of the animals (fallen antlers etc.) are exploited in the Workshop of antlers trophies, which is located next to the Pavilion. The visitor can see the “transformation” of the row materials (fallen horns, etc.) into elegant products.

    The antlers fall every year, with the procedure of osteolysis. After their collection, they are stored and used for various purposes. In the trophies workshop the visitor can observe and be informed about the process, the ways and methods of using the derivatives of the wild animals( wild boar’s cuspid, mountaineering sticks, paintings with the Environment as subject, woodcut, etc.)