The Bourazani Environmental Park, covering 2050 acres, has existed since 1916 when it was bought by our grandfather Evangelos Tassos. Initially used as a pre-winter pastures for flocks among others available to the family. In 1974 began, the third generation of the Tassos family, the first steps installation hairy game with brood markets of Yugoslavia, Italy and Austria. 
Initial thoughts become the visitation area paid off with the help of European programs, own funds, a lot of personal work and perseverance.

So today, the site-area of Bourazani Wild Life is open and can receive daily people of all ages, sensitized, or not yet, in ecology. Our main purpose is the animal host, maintaining the animal balance of the population, the observation of animals in their natural environment, the information on the life cycles of these, information on flora and fauna themes of Bourazani region and efforts to preserve the environment and culture in our region.
The Environmental Park "Bourazani" runs alongside the hotel "BOURAZANI", is open to the public all year round and receives daily visits.