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Five activities that are worth visiting

           In the wider area of Bourazani, if you visit it, do not miss out to try activities, such as extreme sports, the alternative tourism and the outdoor activities in the nature that someone can enjoy. Our recommendations are:     Rafting-Kayak: Is the downhill of the river[…]

Bourazani: Five reasons to visit the area

               Bourazani is an outspread hilly area in the Northwest part of the Ioannina county, which is enclosed by the mountains of Grammos, Tymphi and Nemertsika. Small villages, agricultural settlements and dotted Byzantine and after- Byzantine monuments vouch the existence of humans for several centuries. The[…]

Epirus: Challenges you to discover

<< Epirus, constitutes one of the most beautiful parts of the Greek body>>  Epirus is one dreaming place for vacation during all the seasons. From the unique and beautiful ‘’Zagorochoria’’ to the fascinating beaches of Thesprotia and from the mountainous ‘’Tzoumerka’’ of Arta to Preveza and Parga, Epirus is still[…]