Τα νέα μας

Epirus: Challenges you to discover

<< Epirus, constitutes one of the most beautiful parts of the Greek body>>

 Epirus is one dreaming place for vacation during all the seasons. From the unique and beautiful ‘’Zagorochoria’’ to the fascinating beaches of Thesprotia and from the mountainous ‘’Tzoumerka’’ of Arta to Preveza and Parga, Epirus is still the most unalterable and vestal place of the Greek body.  

 The Epirus’ nature offers endless opportunities for hiking in formal (and informal) paths combining mountains, forests, ( some well organised and many) less organised beaches and in some parts a rough, with wild beauty, shoreline. The landscape, in which the majority consists of mountains, gives the opportunity to the tourist to travel in the past and the history of Epirus.

  In Epirus, people and nature are one body. In that cultural crossroad and landscapes between ‘’Pindos’’ and the ‘’Ionian’’ Sea, you will meet one different part of Greece. Continuous mountains, gorges, rare animals and plants, lakes, rivers, rugged mountains, secret beaches with sand coexist with the ancient ‘’Dodoni’’, castles, monuments, arched bridges and traditional, stony villages.

  From the graphical ‘Metsovo’ and ‘Konitsa’ till the beautiful city of Ioannina and the famous summer destinations of ‘Parga’ and ‘Syvota’, Epirus welcomes you during all the seasons of the year and promises unique experiences and surprises.

Enjoy it…