Places to visit

  1. Bourazani Enviromental Park and Hotel
  2. The Monastery of Stomio. Aoos Gorge (from the arched stone bridge of Konitsa to the Monastery of Stomio). The path of Saint PAISIOS Google-Maps
  3. Molyvdoskepasti: ​The Byzantine Monastery of The Assumption, dated from the 7th cent. A.D. (guide available). Google-Maps
  4. Konitsa and the stone-build, single arched bridge of Konitsa Google-Maps
  5. The site of Prophet Elias (Observation point of Konitsa's basin). Google-Maps
  6. The Zagori villages (Papigo, Aristi, Monodendri, etc.) and the Vikos Canyon in Monodendri. In Monodentri you can visit Monastery of Agia Paraskevi Google-Maps and place Oxia (the best view of Vikos Canyon) Google-Maps

  7. The Mastorochoria villages

  8. The mouth of Aoos River ( Vikos-Aoos National Park )
  9. Dragon lake of Timfi (Drakolimni). From Papigo hiking until the alpine lake)