Fly Fishing


Greece, especially the Epirus region, is still unknown to the fly fisherman. The region of Epirus in the north of Greece is characterized by a unique, intact nature. The rivers provide the fly fisherman with quiet sections, deep pools and lots of shoots. Due to a rich natural history, it takes patience and skill to get the fantastically beautiful, strong-fighting native brown trout to the fly. A highlight is the fly fishing on the cleanest river in Europe,  in the middle of a historic landscape.

Upon request, arriving fly fishermen will receive detailed travel information.

As a service, we can provide for our guests a selection of proven flies of local fly tiers that we have in stock.

The fly does not use bait, but various insect replicas, the so-called flies, made of various materials, natural and synthetic. The rod and the mechanism also differ from those of other fishing techniques. The mechanism has a special shape and function different from the common mechanisms and is adapted to the base of the reed. Fly does not use weight too. With the help of the line that holds the position of the classical half-masseuse.

The fisherman throws the fly and slowly releases the rush, making successive moves of the reed in front and back. The rivers of the area, Aoos and Voidomatis, can give rare moments of enjoyment and fun to lovers of fly fishing.

From 15 March to 30 October in the Aoos and Voidomatis rivers outside the Vikos – Aoos National Park (no fishing permit required).