``Ophrys Epirotica``

The Conference Center ``Ophrys Epirotica`` is located inside the Bourazani Environmental Park, in a newly built with traditional materials (stone and wood), 280 m² building, equipped with modern means for the organization and technical support of conferences and business meetings. The conference center hall can host business conferences, corporate presentations, product and car exhibitions, scientific conferences and social events. Both its interior space, with the appropriate lighting and special layout, and the exterior, with its rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, combine a unique space where nature meets culture and human creations.



Coffee break



Pharmaceutical companies Conferences Presentations
o   PFizer

o   Wooden Arrow Sanofi Pasteur MSD

o   Wooden Arrow Merk

o   Wooden Arrow Vianex


o   Wooden Arrow GENESIS Pharma S.A A.E.B.G.

o   Wooden Arrow Glaxo

o   Wooden Arrow ELPEN

o   Wooden Arrow GALDEMA

o   International Nephrology Forum (2004)


o   European Forum for Αgriculture


o   Hellenic meeting of employees of Attica Bank


o   Three day seminar conference of traditional dances of Mastorochoria of Konitsa

Presentation of TOYOTA Celica

Presentation of Jeep CHEROKEE

Presentation of Audi Q7

``Ophrys Epirotica`` Hall

At the entrance of the Convention Center is the reception area with desks, which can function either as secretarial support or as a welcome and information area, as well as a bar area.

The Conference hall with a capacity of 250 people, with special technical equipment, can be exploited for various uses such as conferences, presentations, educational programs, seminar room, Yoga / Pilates room and also a movie / documentary screening room. In detail, the Conference Center has: simultaneous translation coverage, slide shows, slides and films on a fixed screen, microphone installation and recording capability, Microphones, CD Players, Slide Projectors, Laser Pointer, Video Projector / Video Data, DVD player, Camera Video Recording, Lighting.

Within the space of the Conference Center there is the possibility of providing catering services (coffee break & light lunch) in the main lounge. Event meals take place at the hotel's main restaurant, just 4 km away.


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