Τα νέα μας

Bourazani: Five reasons to visit the area


    Γεφύρι κόνιτσας

    Bourazani is an outspread hilly area in the Northwest part of the Ioannina county, which is enclosed by the mountains of Grammos, Tymphi and Nemertsika. Small villages, agricultural settlements and dotted Byzantine and after- Byzantine monuments vouch the existence of humans for several centuries. The substructure in the area is good, while the services to the tourists are continuously improving. During the years, the unique ‘Environmental Park of Bourazani’ has made impression.

    Enviromental Park

    Inside the Wild Life Park there is a direct visual contact with the wild animals that are hosted (deer, Dama- dama, wild sheeps, wild boars, Capra Aegagrus Cretica and roe deer. The visitors are being fully informed for these animals ( behaviour, biological cycles, etc.) from the Veterinary Surgeon of the Park in the Environmental Educational Park and Convention Center.

    In the center of the Environmental Park operates the Convention Center ‘’Ophrys Epirotica’’ which helps the visitors with the audiovisual Environmental Education and the awareness of the visitors. The visitors have the opportunity to observe with the help of the slides projector and the data projector, slides that are relevant to the biological cycles of the animals, the rare flora and fauna of the area, as well as the culturally accessible monuments.

    The facilities of Bourazani are the only ones in the whole country that develop environmental and ecological tourism via the Wild Life Observation and the Environmental education and awareness. Our last activities have caused enormous interest to the visitors that come from all over the country and abroad. A great part of the visitors is high school students and university students from schools and universities of the country. Only for the Environmental School Groups , because the purpose of the visit is extremely educational , we offer special prices

    Stomio Monastery

    The holy monument of the mother of God in Stomio, known as ‘ Panagia Stomiotissa’ as well, is built in the south shore of the Aoos gorge, between ‘Tymphi’ and ‘Trapezitsa’ mountains is a place with beautiful view in the heart of the National Park of Vikos. The name Stomio possibly came from the natural formation of the area, where it opens like a mouth inside the gorge. The access there can be by foot from Konitsa following for approximately one and a half hour the route to the right( south) shore of Aoos, from the old bridge inside the fascinating gorge and among the slopes that are full of forests. From the most important people that lived in the monastery was the blessed Elder Paisios  the ‘ Agioritis’, who tried a lot – with the help of commissioners and others-  to restorate the monastery, during the years that he lived there( 1958-1962)

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    Molivdoskepasti Monastery

    The Monastery’s name came from the lead plates where, instead of roof tiles or stone plates, covered the roof in the past. Nowadays, the monastery of Molivdoskepasti maintains its fortress view, it has renovated prison cells, two belfries and a beautiful garden. The interior place of the Monastery is of Byzantine rythm, with a huge dome and well preserved hagiographies among the 13th– 18th centuries , while in the west side of the interior place there are wall paintings, that depict Konstantinos Pogonatos and Andronikos Palaiologos.

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    Konitsa is a small town 64 kilometers in the North from Ioannina and close to the Albanian border. It is amphitheatrical to the slope of Trapezitsa, the mountains of Pindos, with the great view of the flat country of Konitsa where the Aoos River meets the Voidomatis River and the Sarantaporos River. Konitsa is a town of 4.000 residents built according to the traditional style of the Epirus’ architecture. You can enjoy the stony buildings, the old mansions that exist from the Ottoman period, the churches and the monasteries that constitute the real attractions in the area, the paved alleys, the traditional stony bridges and the numerous cultural monuments. One ramble that deserves visiting

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