Within the wildlife park, there is direct visual contact with the wild animals that are hosted. All the complete information about these animals (behavior, biological cycle, etc.) follows by our tour guides, in the specially designed environmental education and sensitization areas.

At the Environmental Park Bourazani operates the Conference Center “Ophrys Epirotica” used for audio-visual environmental education and sensitization of our visitors.

The tours to Bourazani environmental park are organised and take place every day during the afternoon hours and last for approximately 2 hours. during the tour, visitors are informed for:

  • the graphical and historical data of the area of Bourazani, Konitsa and Molivdoskepasti
  • the natural parks
  • the Positions of Natura 2000 in the area
  • the Greek- Albanian borders
  • the particularity of the area of Bourazani and the actions that have been taken till nowadays for its protection

The facilities in Bourazani are the only ones in the country that really develop environmental and ecological tourism through wild life observation and environmental education. These activities have caused huge interest to visitors who come from all over the country and abroad. Among the visitors is included a huge number of students from the country’s schools and universities.

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